Strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands Malaysia, open days, Operating hours, Entrance fees


Cameron highlands is a center of strawberry production in Malaysia. Indeed it is a wonderful place where visitors can enjoy the scenery and consider it a stopover farm and garden to relax, unwind and enjoy the compliance. The farm is popular for cultivating organic vegetables and fresh strawberries. The cold climate is suitable for growing strawberries. The farm offers hand picking strawberries to attract visitors. The popularity of this beautiful fruit has also created exciting cottage industry of making souvenirs, pillows, clothing, key chains, toys and other items in the shape of strawberries. There are 200 car parking lot for people visiting with a car.

There are 8 strawberry farms in the Cameron highlands

• Big red strawberry farm
• Kok lim strawberry farm
• Ark strawberry farm
• Rajus hill
• EQ strawberry farm
• Healthy strawberry farm
• Kasimanis strawberry farm
• Abang strawberry farm

Open days: Daily

Timing: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Entrance fee: Free

1. Big red strawberry

Big red strawberry farm is an agro tourism park growing cultivation method without soil strawberries and organic vegetables. From the main entrance visitors will go up some steps to a Koi fountain, flower nursery and mini petting zoo filled more with rabbits. Self-picking purchase also available through walk is allowed. Finally end with cafe and shopping.

Open days: Daily

Timing: 8.30 am – 6pm

2. Kok Lim strawberry farm

It is the one of the largest farm in Cameron highlands. The speciality of farm is Farmer’s market, Shopping gallery, cafe, Colourful boutique, petting zoo and honey retail products. The visitors can pick the strawberries by their own. Daily fresh strawberry sale is available. Without soil cultivation vegetables and corn also growing in the farm. Occupying part of the building at kok lim strawberry farm the museum is dedicated to colonial era antiques and heritage.

3. Healthy strawberry farm

The farm located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The farm has flower nursery, small market, cafe, Strawberry picking.

Farm open daily from morning till evening. The farm entry fees is free.

4. Abang strawberry farm

The farm located in Tanah Rata town center. The farm has popular restaurant 200 seed cafe provides visitors to strawberry based dishes, sweets and savoury. Strawberry jams, and pastries are offering to the visitors. Strawberry picking also available here.

5. Ark Strawberry farm

It is an agro tourism spot and strawberry farm situated in man road between Ringlet and Tanah Rata. It is a small highlands. In the farm café shops, shopping gallery, potted plants, food items, fresh strawberries and local products. Strawberry picking, bar counters, refreshments and snacks with dining along with portico. Opens daily at 8 am to 6 pm, free entry fees is offer to the tourist.

6. EQ strawberry farm

The farm located at Kea farm in Brinchang near Copthorne Hotel. In the farm honey, crops, herbs, organic mushrooms, sugar free jam, and local products. Short refreshments also available with walkway leads to the farm area. Strawberry picking activities offers to the visitors. The farm opens daily from morning till the evening and free to enter.

7. Raju’s hill strawberry

Farm located in Kea farm situated along the main road in Brinchang town. It is a popular tourist attraction on weekends, the farm offers strawberry picking by weight or fresh strawberries sold in the counter daily. The popular dishes are pastries, cakes, shakes, waffles and ice creams. Roof terrace appearing for visitors to relax and enjoy with tea, snacks.

8. Kasimanis strawberry farm

The farm located in Tanah Rata situated on a lush hill top, the farm offers strawberry picking and souvenir shopping and daily harvested strawberries are available for sale. The peaceful surroundings providing by café while having the tea to visitors. Farm opens daily morning till evening. Entry fees is free.

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