Mossy Forest hike, Thompson Falls, Sri Tehndayuthapani Swamy temple, Cactus valley in Cameron Highlands

Mossy Forest hike

The highest part of the Cameron highlands and other mountain ranges are forested areas and those areas are often referred to mossy forest. These high mountains are called cloud forests or moss forests because they remove moisture from the dense clouds. All forest trees are dwarfed after declaring a height of 10 m according to normal appearance. A large number of mosses fern liverworts and fern allies can be found in these woodlands along with pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids. The hiking lovers this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the nature. It’s a lung pumping hike with views amid misty mountains and lush vegetation.

Location: Sungai, Palas Estate Road, Malaysia

Price: Free

Thompson Falls in Cameron Highlands

An extraordinary scenic location. Those who loves peace, compliance, surroundings this is the best place to visit. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and not over crowded. This is a great place to kick off your shoes, put on your trousers and take a dip in the cool and refreshing waters. A refreshing waterfall view surrounded by lush greenery is a visual treat. The view is like from the top by climbing stairs it is pretty cool. There are souvenir shops, handicraft shops etc for the interested visitors. There are several local shops serving snacks and refreshments which make the location more happening. There are souvenir shops, handicraft shops etc for the interested visitors.

Location: Near Tanah rata

Price: Free

Sri Tehndayuthapani Swamy in Cameron Highlands

Sri Tehndayuthapani Swamy temple is most popular temple of Cameron Highlands. It occupies a significant place among the tourist attractions. The temple is decorated with colourful statues and structures designed by an Indian artist. The designs adding to the beauty of this important religious place. The design of high spirit of temple is inspired from the hindu temples of Tamilnadu. The temple gives all the tourist unforgettable experience of peace and spirituality.

Cactus valley in Cameron Highlands

One of the greatest attractions in Cameron Highlands located in Pahang region. The valley increases broad collection of cactus plants of multifaceted appearance and nature of 60 years still living. The valley has a good collection of greenery plants which includes roses, orchids, ferns, pitcher plants, air plants, venus fly trapes, geraniums and baby cactus. The place having shopping complex, café shops, toy shop, souvenirs and food courts. The small place allocated to strawberry picking. Large parking space is available for tourist.

Open days: Daily

Opening hour: 8 am to 6 pm

Price: For adults RM 4 and Kids RM 2

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