Kuala Lumpur (KL) Bird Park in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Address, Phone Number, Website, Entry Fees, How to Reach there

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KL Bird Park is a popular tourist destination located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the largest free-flight bird park in the world, spanning over 20 acres of lush greenery in the Lake Gardens area. The park houses more than 3,000 birds from over 200 species, including various exotic birds such as flamingos, peacocks, hornbills, parrots, and eagles.

Address: No. 920, Jalan Cenderawasih, Taman Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Website: klbirdpark.com

Email: info@klbirdpark.com.

Phone: 03 – 2272 1010

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The park is designed to resemble a natural rainforest environment and is divided into several zones, each showcasing different bird species. Visitors can enjoy various activities, such as feeding the birds, attending bird shows and feeding sessions, and taking a stroll along the park’s many walkways and bridges. Additionally, visitors can learn about the birds’ habits, habitats, and conservation efforts.

KL Bird Park is open every day of the week, and visitors can buy tickets on-site or online. The park also offers various packages, including guided tours and photography sessions, to enhance the visitor’s experience. Overall, KL Bird Park is an excellent place to learn about and appreciate the beauty of birds and nature.

Attraction at KL Bird Park

KL Bird Park is home to a wide variety of bird species from Malaysia and around the world. Some of the popular attractions at KL Bird Park include:

1. Free-flight bird show

Visitors can witness the free-flight bird show, where various bird species fly around the amphitheater while performing tricks and showcasing their natural abilities.

2. Feeding sessions

Visitors can participate in the feeding sessions where they can feed the birds such as lorikeets, ostriches, and hornbills while learning about their eating habits.

3. Bird photography

KL Bird Park offers bird photography services where visitors can take photos of the birds in their natural habitats or during the bird shows.

4. Flamingo pond

The Flamingo pond is one of the park’s most iconic attractions, with a large population of flamingos in a picturesque setting.

5. Hornbill park

The Hornbill park is dedicated to showcasing the many species of hornbills, which are native to Southeast Asia.

6. Bird discovery center

The Bird discovery center is a place where visitors can learn about the different bird species found in Malaysia and their habitats.

7. Bird watching

Visitors can walk around the park and observe the birds in their natural habitats, making it an excellent spot for bird watching.

Overall, KL Bird Park is an excellent place to learn about and appreciate the beauty of birds and nature.

KL Bird Park Map

How to reach

KL Bird Park is located in the Lake Gardens area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and can be reached by various modes of transportation:

  • By car: Visitors can drive to the park using the GPS coordinates or address. The park has a parking area for cars and motorcycles.
  • By public transportation: Visitors can take the KTM Komuter train to the Kuala Lumpur station, followed by a 10-15 minute walk to the park. Alternatively, visitors can take the RapidKL bus to the Lake Gardens area, where the park is located.
  • By taxi/ride-hailing service: Visitors can also take a taxi or ride-hailing service to the park.

Overall, KL Bird Park is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, making it a convenient destination for visitors.

Entry fees KL Bird Park

The entry fees for KL Bird Park are as follows:

  • Malaysian adults: RM63 (inclusive of 6% GST)
  • Malaysian children (aged 3 to 11 years): RM42 (inclusive of 6% GST)
  • Senior citizens (aged 60 years and above): RM42 (inclusive of 6% GST)
  • Non-Malaysian adults: RM110 (inclusive of 6% GST)
  • Non-Malaysian children (aged 3 to 11 years): RM75 (inclusive of 6% GST)
  • Children under the age of 3 can enter the park for free.

KL Bird Park also offers various packages that include guided tours, photography sessions, and other activities. Visitors can purchase the tickets on-site or online via the park’s official website. The entry fees are subject to change, so visitors are advised to check the latest prices before visiting the park.

KL Bird Park Gallery

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