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About Jalan Alor Food street

Jalan Alor Food street Bukit Bintang Kualalumpur Malaysia is an individual food goals in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Not much activity during the day but when the sun goes down the street gets busy. Jalan Alor Food Street, also known as Jalan Alor Night Market, is a vibrant and colorful street in the heart of the Bukit Bintang area.Some of the cooking is the joy that Malaysia has to offer not at the luxurious more expensive restaurants but at the walkways there is a lot of food stalls. Along Jalan Alor these stalls line both sides of the road selling foods that best represent Malaysia. It is not only a place for locals but foreigners also often come here to taste unique dishes that they can’t find back in their home country.

Highlights of Jalan Alor Food street

  • It has many food options, including Hawker Food, Chinese Seafood sit-down restaurants, regional restaurants including Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean, and dessert stalls like ice cream and fruit.
  • Bbq chicken wings are a big hit, and there are plenty of hawker food options if you are new to Malaysian food, including stir-fried dishes like Char Kway Teow.
  • Here, you are not just tasting the food here but also the culture in Malaysia. Diversity is not only the population but the factor that makes Malaysia so special translates into its cuisine. Most of the food menus are based on the Chinese taste. Some food vendors offers a translators to the foreigners for better understanding.
  • The characters of the street takes a life of its own you are surely missed out if you don’t go there. Jalan Alor is equivalent to good food and there was much against when the local officers changed the name of the road.


Address: Jln Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 1-800-88-9999


  • Jalan Alor is a best food court in Malaysia. With this you can enjoy the best cooking pleasure.
  • The place is fitted with antique building to give a vision of retro culture.
  • If you want to taste the culture of Malaysian food, this is the only place for you.
  • There are various stalls on either side of the stall selling Malaysian food here you can enjoy unique tasting dishes from local vendors.
  • Since most of the menu in Chinese you can also opt for an English translation. This is for an attract for foreigners.

Must try dishes in Jalan Alor Food street

1. Meng Kee Grill Fish

A significant proportion of the menu is devoted to unusual dishes from lobster to the famous grilled stingray. They also serve amazing regular fast food from spring rolls to chilli shrimp.

2. Wong Ah Wah (WAW)

Grilled chicken wings, satay and various noodles based dishes are the most popular dishes served here. They also have number of dangerous foods for those looking for out of the box binging opportunities. The main recommendations in this category are fresh frog and crabs.

3. Barbecued Chicken Wings

These are totally super charged wings and one of the best meals you can taste on the road. They are cooked on a smoky charcoal grill and cost $ 1.20 per wing. You will experience an explosion of flavors with each bite, and the smokiness from the grill will be perfectly infused inside the chicken skin.

4. Sister Drunken Chicken Noodles

This is another interesting joint that is famous for serving a variety of noodle based dishes prepared using wines. This joint also known for serving the best wine chicken. The prices of dishes are very affordable but they offer great taste.

5. Char Kway Teow

This solid dish is fully greasy plate of Char Kway Teow. The taste will be great and will satisfy. The dish is clean and healthy.

6. Satay

Enjoy juicy pieces of meat on sticks. You can get a mix meat like chicken, beef and lamb. Each meat has a different flavour and will surely satisfy your tongue and stomach. The meat will be chewy and juicy, and the fats will melt in your mouth as soon as you put a piece in your mouth.

7. Oyster Omelet

You can enjoy a crispier version of fried oyster & egg. This dish has a subtle wok hei flavor and is dry, making it much tastier.

8. Coconut Ice Cream

In Kualalumpur’s hot and wet night environment an ice cream is more delightful than a sweet treat. You can get a vast range of ice cream flavors like Asam Boi, Gula Melaka, and Kaya, but the best one is Coconut Ice Cream. You can enjoy it in a cone with a single scoop, two scoops, a waffle bowl with three scoops, and a jumbo cone with three scoops.

9. Fresh fruits

Capture favorite fresh fruits like rambutans, mangosteens, and other southeast Asian fruits.

10. Healthy Hawker Carts

You can catch purple Japanese sweet potatoes which are boiled with the skin on and sold with grilled corn. It is a great healthy food.

11. Dim Sum

Get the colorful handmade steamed dim sum in batches. They are sold separately.

12. Sugar cane juice

You can enjoy the best ingredients pressed inside the machine to extract the sugar cane juice.

13. Air Mata Kuching

Locals like to chill down with a sugary drink made from melon, longan, and sweet monk fruit.

14. Rojak

It’s a fruit salad topped with crushed peanuts and drizzled in a sweet and hot sauce.

Important details for Jalan Alor Food Street

Operation Hours:

Most places open from 5 pm

Public Toilets:

There are no public toilets, but most restaurants have facilities.

How to reach Jalan Alor Food street

[icon name=”car” style=”solid” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] By Car:

The distance from the City Centre to Jalan Alor is a mere 3KM, which comes up to about 15 minutes of driving at the maximum. 

By Train

Raja Chulan Station, Bukit Bintang Station and Imbi Station are the closest to Jalan Alor. You can find the Bukit Bintang station located only at a five minutes walking distance from Jalan Alor.

By Bus

You can opt for purple line and green line of Kuala Lumpur City Buses to reach Jalan Alor directly by bus.

Best Time to Visit

Most of the shops at Jalan Alor are open in the evening, so you can visit this place in the evening and stay there till midnight. There are many shops available for 24 hours also; however, to experience the best food, pay a visit in the evening hours only.

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