How to get MyKad: Procedures, Fees, Application form

MyKad is the Malaysian National Identity Card, which is issued by the National Registration Department (JPN).

Follow the steps to get MyKad:

  1. Go to the nearest JPN office. You can find the location of the nearest JPN office visit (
  2. Bring the necessary documents. 1. Your birth certificate, 2. Passport-sized photographs, and other supporting documents such as your old IC (if applicable), proof of address, and other relevant documents. The JPN website provides a full list of required documents.
  3. Fill in the application form. You can obtain the application form from the JPN office or download it from their website.
  4. Submit the application form and supporting documents to the JPN officer. The officer will process your application and take your biometric data, including your fingerprints and photograph.
  5. Pay the fee. The fee for the MyKad may vary depending on your age and other factors. You can check the fee on the JPN website or ask the JPN officer.
  6. Wait for the MyKad to be issued. The processing time for the MyKad may vary, but it usually takes around 2-4 weeks.
  7. Collect the MyKad. You will be notified when your MyKad is ready, and you can collect it at the JPN office where you applied.

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