How to File a Complaint in Malaysia Police Station?  

How to apply police report in Malaysia?

To make an official report, you can register it at  nearest police station. If you are going to the police station, you can prepare the draft report in advance and speed up the process. Only Malay or English reports are accepted.

What are the Procedure to file a complaint

  • The RMP e-Reporting System is a service provided by RMP that allows members of the public to submit police reports online that do not involve criminal activity and/or do not require further police investigation.
  • Malaysians aged 18 and up are eligible to use e-Reporting, which can be accessed at any time and from any location with Internet access.
  • Only events in the Kuala Lumpur random area are currently under by the e-Reporting service.

 E-Reporting types are following

  • Missing/Loss of Identity Card
  • Missing/Loss of Passport
  • Missing/ Loss of Credit/ATM Card
  • Missing/ Loss of Handphone
  • Missing/Loss of Laptop
  • Missing/Loss of Road Tax
  • The housemaid who ran away from the employer

Online Police Reporting System (e-Reporting) is one of the try under the National Blue Ocean Strategy, as part of the approach to achieving the Government Transformation Programme (GTP)

Procedure to apply E-Report

  • Visit the online website.
  • Click on the register user
  • After that fill in the application.
  • After that enter your ID and password.
  • Next fill in the application form with all the details.
  • Enter all the details like the location of the incidence, then you have to select the police location.
  • Create the police report and review it before taking out print of the report.


Emergency Police contact details:

Royal Malaysia Police Control +60 (3) 2266 3333
Royal Malaysia Police Control Center +60 (3) 2031 9999
24/7 999

It is important to ensure that the report covers the following fundamental questions:

  • When did the incident occur?
  • Where did the incident occur?
  • What and how did the incident happen?
  • Who was involved in the incident?
  • Any physical, psychological or emotional impact(s)?
  • Why is the report being lodged?

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