Celcom Sim Service in Malaysia Overview, How do I activate Celcom SIM, Benefits of Celcom Sim Card, How do I reload my Celcom, How to pay my bill, Customer service number

Overview of Celcom Sim Service Malaysia

Celcom Sim Service Malaysia is a member of the Telekom Malaysia group of companies, and is the biggest mobile operator in Malaysia. It has the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide versus the other cellular service providers in Malaysia.

How do I activate Celcom SIM?

  1. Click prepaid Self registration
  2. Choose your identification type
  3. Scan your Identity card
  4. Scan the barcode on your starter pack
  5. Complete facial recognition

Benefits of Celcom Sim Card

  • A clearer usage summary
  • Easier reload options
  • Roam from anywhere, anytime
  • Self-Registration for Xpax Starter Pack
  • More rewards and myDeals

How do I reload my Celcom?

There are three ways to reload the sim

  • Celcom Life App

To know more click this link: https://www.celcom.com.my/support/celcom-life-app?utm_source=portal#rlcr

  • Celcom Website

To know more click this link: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/prepaid

  • Self-Service Kiosk

  1. You can purchase prepaid reloads using cash or credit/debit card at any of our 24/7 self-service kiosks.
  2. When using cash, please insert the exact amount as no change will be provided by the Self-Service Kiosk. You can purchase reload amount of either RM5, RM10, RM30 and RM50.
  3. For payment via credit/card, you can purchase reload amount of RM3, RM5, RM6, RM10, RM19, RM30, RM50 and RM79. You can reload multiple mobile numbers, up to six (6) per transaction.
  4. For credit/debit card reloads at the kiosk, the minimum amount is RM5 and the maximum is RM1,000 (up to RM100 per account daily).
  5. There are no additional charges for purchasing reloads at the Self-Service Kiosk.
  6. After a successful credit reload, you will receive a receipt and SMS notification.

How to pay my bill via Celcom Life Hub?

Follow the steps below to pay your bill via Celcom Life Hub.

  1. Log in to Celcom Life Hub
  2. Select ‘My Bills’ from the menu and click ‘Pay Now’.
  3. Select the amount that you would like to pay.
  4. Then click ‘Pay Now’.
  5. Next, you will see Payment Method screen.
  6. Select your payment method, either Credit/Debit Card or Savings/Current Account.
  7. Fill-up the necessary payment details and click ‘Make Payment’.

Customer service Number

If you have a general enquiry about CELCOM’s products and services, you can contact Celcom Careline at 1300 111 000 or 1111 (only accessible from 013, 019 or 0148). Calls will be charged at standard rate from any other phone.

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