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Cameron Highlands is located in Pahang district in Malaysia 200km from Kualalumpur. Cameron Highlands discovered by William Cameron in 1885. Cameron Highlands is the country’s leading highland resort destination. The British administrator Sir George Maxwell developed the hill station. The visitors can experience the Aromatic tea garden, Juicy strawberry farms, Trekking and hiking, fascinating religious places, Adventures, breath-taking views for tourist, Hotels and resorts, Apartments, Shopping centres and Leisure activities. Ringlet, Tringkap, Bertam Valley, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja are the rest of Cameron Highlands. This smaller towns are highly cultivate the agricultural activities. If you are curious on art you love to visit Mah Meri Art Gallery and Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands.

Amenities available in Cameron Highlands

  • Banks
  • Clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centre
  • Safety for day and night

Best time to visit

The best time to go Cameron Highlands is off – peak Seasons, national and School holidays. The weather is cool in Cameron Highlands. Mountains are surrounding in the highlands it is constantly cool and humid with lots of mist in the Morning and Evening. Jackets, Sweaters, Wool gloves, Boots, Mufflers and Scarfs are highly recommended for all the visitors. Less rain between May and July and rain increased by September.
If you not mind to get wet this is the best time to visit the Cameron Highlands to explore the wildlife and nature opportunities. The climate of Cameron Highland ranges between 20°C – 25°C during the day on average but does get a little hotter during periods of low rainfall.
The lowest temperature in Cameron Highlands was 7.8°C. During the rainy periods, remember to drive carefully on the road while going up and around the Cameron Highlands as road conditions are slippery. Night falls between 15°C – 18°C but may dip lower after heavy rain. The visitors should prepared with an umbrella for frequent evening rainfall or thunderstorms.

Attractions of Cameron Highlands

• Butterfly garden
• Sam poh temple
• Butterfly farm
• MARDI Agrotech Park
• Time tunnel
• Water crest valley
• KC kwang & sons
• Holidays park

1. Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden is the Zoology garden and insect gallery located at Kea farm. The butterfly garden is the most impressive and one of the old attractions to the tourist. It is the excellent location to enjoy beauty of the species in a rainbow colours. The farm is not big but it has wide collection of living butterflies. Another fascinating feature of this farm is the wide collection of beetles displayed in this farm. The collection includes Cheirotonus arnaudi, Odontolabis femoralis, and other major popular species. The park also has a tortoise pen, scorpion pond, reptile exhibit (mostly snakes and lizards), aviary, petting zoo and flower garden. There is a souvenir shop and restaurant shops are available for light snacks, refreshments for visitors.

Location: near Kea Farm

Timings: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM2

2. Sam Poh Temple

Sam poh temple is largest religious construction of the Cameron highlands nestled on a small hill top at the back of town. The temple is the Buddhist in nature can find several brass statues found inside. Another attraction of temple is Architecture construction are admirable. The main statue of the temple is giant Buddha statue. Quite crowd almost throughout the year in the temple. The highlights of the temple is natural surroundings and oriental structure of the temple near Brinchang Town. Most of the visitors coming to offering prayers at the altar.

3. MARDI Agrotech Park

MARDI Agrotechnology Park is an agricultural research station at Tanah Rata managed by Malaysia Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and open to public. Agro technology park divided into six major areas Herb Garden, English Garden, Rose Garden, Orchid Garden, research centre and an information centre. Visitors can enjoy the various flower garden, crop houses, and Plant nurseries, farm lands, small tea plantation. Flowers fruits and vegetables are cultivating here.

The park includes 40 variety of roses, 10 types of strawberries, 100 citrus fruits, anthuriums, apples, grapes and persimmons. To visit the park take slip road at right behind Freesia bus terminal at town the signboard to MARDI appears left. Entrance fees charged in the gate.

Timings: Daily except Tuesday 8 am – 5 pm

Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3

Location: Tanah Rata

4. Time Tunnel

Time tunnel is a local museum is protecting the historical memory and cultural heritage of Cameron highlands set by see kok shan in 2007. He has own collections, some collections are describing early years models, pictures and lifestyle. The history of Cameron highland shows how people change now a days about modern thinking. A Cameron local private collection with interested in antiques and souvenirs.

Location: Heart of Brinchang town

Timings: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3

5. Water Crest Valley

Water Crest Valley is a vegetable farm and restaurant located in main road between kea farms and Trinkap. It is a popular attraction, the farm specialized in cultivating water crest, and half water leaves vegetables with kitchen related uses. Chiew garden cafe is the farm’s restaurant it specialises in Chinese vegetarian cuisine is also available in this farm. This restaurant have high importance on vegetables and tofu. Steamboat without pork and healthy vegetable dishes also available. A unique product of water crest valley is herbal water crest drink that boiled with Luo Han Guo (monk fruit), red dates and longan.

Timing: Open daily

Entrance fee: Free

6. KC Kwang & Sons

KC Kwang & Sons is called in other way is Twin Diamond Plantation. It is an agricultural farm mainly cultivating grapes around 60 hectares kyoho variety of grapes which is tender, sweet and large. The grapes are harvested twice in a year June and December. Bulk exporting of grapes done here.
Not only for grapes, the farm cultivating tomatoes, Pumpkins and greens. To monitor the packaging factory is located in next door.

Location: Kampung raja

Timing: Open daily

7. Holiday’s park

In holiday’s park is a fun fair festival at Kea Farm located next to Cameron Square along shopping centre in main road. The park provides ferris wheel, Carousel, bumper cars, games and 7D interactive cinema. The decent range of rides and attractions are available.

Timings: Open daily

Things to carry Cameron Highlands

When you visit Cameron highlands you must carry the jacket because in the evening weather can get cold. The important thing of Cameron highland is sightseeing walking is the part of travel so walking shoe is must.
Extra cloths, caps, cooling glasses, water bottles, camera, valid ID proof.

How to reach Cameron Highlands

Local visitors can drive their own vehicles but minivan and bus available for important places across Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang as well as Singapore. The highway has four major entrances Tapah, Simpang Pulai, Sungai Lipis and Gua Musang.

By Bus:

The local bus services available main road from Freesia Terminal in Tanah Rata to Kampung Raja, passing through Brinchang, Kea Farm, Tringkap and Kuala Terla.
Central transportation hub of Cameron is Tanah Rata in Freesia terminal receiving and send out the travellers to major bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Johor, Melaka, Kuala Perlis, Jerantut, Gua Musang, Kuala Besut, Ipoh, Penang/Butterworth, Hatyai and Taman Negara. The local bus also services available for hourly basis.

By car:

Taxi counters are available for Freesia terminal and Brinchang Town square visitors may reserving cabs for minimum three hours. Tour counters are available for around the hotels and Shop houses. Van, Car and Motor bikes also available for rental basis, Self-driving is preferable.

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