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Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, casinos, shopping malls and the latest Skyworlds Theme Park in Pahang. Discover the attractiveness of Genting Highlands a breathtaking hill resort town in Malaysia. Located above the clouds this recreational heaven provides escapes from the tropical heat with cool weather and stunning views. Genting highlands is a must see destinations for travelers for looking excitement luxury and wide range of activities. Drowning yourself in the magic of genting highlands where fun, relaxation, and breathtaking scenery await.

Perched 820 meters high on a mountain ridge, this integrated resort development features Colmar Tropicale – a French themed hotel and cultural village inspired by the traditional architecture of Alsace region in France. Berjaya hills Established on 2000. It is one of the Malaysia’s more recent hill resorts and major tourist destinations for local and international visitors.

Address: Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, 28750

Phone: +60 92213666



Tourist attractions in Berjaya hills

1. Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale is the central hotel and tourist attraction of Berjaya Hills Resort, nestled on a mountain ridge at Bukit Tinggi between Bentong and Genting Highlands.


  • Medieval French theme village of quaint design lined with colourful timber-framed townhouses that envelop an inner courtyard.
  • Visitors enjoy activities, including dance performances, fun fair games and clowns.
  • Variety of restaurants serve a variety of continental cuisine.

2. The Chateau

The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort is a boutique hotel at Berjaya Hills in Bukit Tinggi, offering premium health treatments alongside luxury accommodation.


  • Accommodation is provided in 126 luxury rooms and suites spread across the castle complex.
  • Swimming pool with salt-infused water, fine dining restaurants, sophisticated spa treatment rooms.
  • Orchid garden with a costly set of flowers rotated every few months from a nursery.

3. Japanese Village

The Japanese Village is a series of Japan-themed attractions, spread across a garden landscape on a hill top at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi.


  • Visitors can explore rock pools, koi ponds, flower gardens and a Japanese tea house.
  • Surrounded by lush rainforest, the village is also a popular spot for bird watching.

4. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a nature park situated within the Japanese Village of Berjaya Hills at Bukit Tinggi.


  • Passing through neat clumps of flowers, herbs and ferns spread between the footpaths and trees.
  • Park include a jungle view deck, wooden bridge and orchid nursery.

5. Tatami Spa

Tatami Spa is a Japanese concept spa situated within the Japanese Village of Berjaya Hills Resort Bukit Tinggi, surrounded by lush greenery in a tranquil nature setting.


  • Offering various holistic health treatments, including aromatheraphy, massage, body scrub and reflexology.
  • The spa center is housed within a two-storey bunglow, also of traditional Japanese design like the Ume Tatami Suite, and equipped with modern amenities.

6. Golf & Country Club

Berjaya Hills Golf and Country Club is an 18-hole championship course situated on lush highland valleys at Bukit Tinggi, a short drive away from Colmar Tropicale Resort.


  • Clubhouse include a swimming pool with wading section for children.
  • Restaurant that serves local and international cuisine
  • Golf shop, function halls and a balcony deck for small banquets.

7. Rabbit Park

Rabbit Park is a small petting zoo at Berjaya Hills, located between Colmar Tropicale and the golf club. The park features over 200 rabbits of different colours and sizes, some of which are available for visitors to cuddle and play with.


  • Park have¬†collection of deer that visitors can feed, along with a few donkeys.
  • It includes outdoor playground, indoor playpen for kids, restrooms and a small snack bar.

8. Atma Temple

Atma Temple is an oriental temple located near Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club, accessible from a slip road at right before the hotel. The main altar is a statue of the Hindu deity Brahma, while a smaller altar pays homage to Buddha.

How to reach Berjaya Hills in Genting highlands Malaysia

By Bus: Go Genting Express Bus operates from various points in Kuala Lumpur at frequent intervals throughout the day and night. The journey takes about an hour.

By car: You can also reach Genting by car in about one hour on the Karak Highway. An executive taxi from the centre of Kuala Lumpur costs between RM 150 and RM 200, while a regular taxi costs around RM 60-RM 70.

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