Bee farms and Lavender garden in Cameron Highland


Considered as a novelty in Cameron Highlands, the honey bee farms are known for their production of delicious honey which is kept up for sale as well as displayed for the foreigners. There are three major honey bee firms present in Cameron highlands and they are located in Ringlet. The bee farms are open for the travellers to visit and there remains range of other attractions like vegetable farms, strawberry picking and interesting kid’s activities to entertain the visitors. There are souvenir shops too within the honey bee farms.

There are 3 bee farms in Cameron highland. They are:

• Highlands Apiary
• Cameron Tringkap
• Ee Feng Gu

1. Highlands Apiary

Highland apiary is a bee farm in Habu in Ringlet the route of Boh tea plantation. It is owned by operate the people who operate honey stalls at Kea farm and Brinchang night market. The farm having gallery of bee nests, strawberry picking, bottled honey comb, pollen extract, jelly and cider vinegar. The farm follows sloping land area with wide steps going up passing through green garden with flowers, heart shaped fish pond, small strawberry land, bee hives and shops.

2. Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

It is a bee farm is a bee keeping at Tringkap town. The farm have mini museum dedicated to ecology of bees and their natural production in the wilds of Malaysia. There are small bee farm that displays hives in a box. The complex have retail shops along with snacks, fashion cloths and other shops. The farm has strawberry farm provides picking activity along with fresh strawberry sale. The visitors can also purchase honey, raw honey comb, royal jelly, pollen and honey of different varieties.

3. Ee Feng Gu

This is the popular attraction with shopping gallery, local market, apiary museum, cafe and parking facilities. The complex have broad garden that host a network of bee hives stored in a wooden colour box raised along the hill slopes. A side walk compound with bee statues and pretty flower. It opens daily from morning till evening. The farm free for visitors.

Lavender garden in Cameron highlands

This is an ideal place to visit in Cameron Highlands. Beautiful landscaped garden with purple flowers is pleasant to see the visitors. It is not a very big park but it has sidewalk that is excellent view with colourful revelry. It is the pleasant place to spend quality time with your loved once. This garden is the treasure of nature. Apart from nature the garden provides cafe, snacks shop, games for young ones and mini bee history section is quite popular.

Location: Tringkap, Malaysia

Timing: 9 am to 6pm (Monday to Thursday) 9am to 7 pm (Friday to Sunday)

Price: For adults RM 5 and for kids RM 3.

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